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“Both research and wisdom show us that regardless of the adversity they face, if a child can develop and maintain a positive attachment to school, and gain an enthusiasm for learning they will do so much better in their lives.”              

(Child Safety Commissioner, Vic 2007) - Courtesy of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Alongside our students and their families, our volunteers are the heart of our programs. It is their effort and inspiration that has propelled this organisation into it's 11th year of operation, bringing much needed learning support and social connections to hundreds of students of a disadvantaged background.

If you are interested in applying for the exciting position of Volunteer Tutor or Mentor, then please use the box below to enter your details and choose an info session you would like to attend in St Albans. These sessions preclude any involvement or 'sign-up' to the programs and function purely as an introduction to the organisation, our programs and the role of tutor/mentor. Upon satisfactory completion of an interview, application form (in which volunteers need to provide contact details of two referees) and the submission/update of a Working with Children (WWC) Check, individuals may begin volunteering in their chosen program.

Please note that the minimum commitment for volunteers in our programs is one school term (10 weeks) for tutors, and 2 school terms for mentors (20 weeks or roughly 8 sessions). 

We would love you to come on board and meet the ERCRS community. All volunteers who work in our learning support programs can apply to attend any of the social activities (camps/excursions/events) throughout the year. We also provide plenty of advice, training and on-the-go support for all volunteers in the organisation. 

Once you sign up below, we'll be in touch with the address of the session and any finer details you may need to know.

Well...what are you waiting for?

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  • Volunteer Info/Training Session 27/10/2020 from 1pm
  • Volunteer Info/Training Session 29/10/2020 from 5:30pm
  • Volunteer Info/Training Session 03/11/2020 from 1pm
  • Volunteer Info/Training Session 05/11/2020 from 5:30pm
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