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Volunteer Dinner 2012



Block your calendar on - 2012-11-23
2012-11-24 @ 1:00 am - 12:59 am

Event description

2012 had reached an end. Proud of all the hard work and dedication that we tutors and staff at Edmund Rice had put in for the year, a celebration was in order! The venue, The Abyssinian in Kensington; the food, plentiful and vibrant; the company, full of life! In almost no time at all, food was coming left and right and the smells and fragrances were so overwhelming that there was nothing much you could do but close your eyes and enjoy the moment through your nose.

As the night drew to a close we all received letters from students we tutored or were involved with throughout the year. These letters contained the kindest words from both the Edmund Rice staff and the kids, mine was made by a Grade 5 student named Yout. The message inside went something like, “thank you for taking the time to help me this year!”

I think that as teachers, tutors, educators, etc, we may sometimes feel that the 2 hours or so we spend with the kids each week may not be helping them as much as they need. But after receiving words of thanks, I realized that it is these few hours you dedicate to them that makes the biggest difference in the long run. When we spend time with these kids, we are not just teaching them maths or science, we are also mentoring them as positive role models. They get an insight into a world where they can be whatever and whoever they choose to be, if they work hard enough. 

In my own view, the greatest gift you can bestow to a child is not the ability to perform science, English, maths or sports, but to encourage their self-belief and strengthen it for their own personal journey through life. This I believe is the main objective of Edmund Rice, of Frank and of Dane. Safe to say, the kids weren’t the only ones with mentors this year. - Jed Guinto