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A Small Charity Has A Big Impact

In the spirit of Edmund Rice, ERCRS seeks to improve the lives of, and opportunities for, children and young people of a disadvantaged background by supporting them in their education and providing them with access to free learning support along with a range of social activities throughout the year.


ERCRS bases its vision of supporting young people, on the life and example of Edmund Rice, a businessman and philanthropist who lived in Ireland some 200 years ago. Edmund was open and alert to sense the needs of disadvantaged youth in his society, and to respond in a creative and energetic manner. His response centred on treating those who were disadvantaged with respect and dignity, with a focus on providing them access and opportunity to education. Edmund Rice Community & Refugee Services believes that in supporting the education of youth, they will not only have the encouragement to develop their own potential, but will in their own turn, nurture the learning opportunity of others.

Our Values


We respect the dignity of all people, by working cooperatively and
collaboratively with others, and by becoming engaged in the hopes,
joys and aspirations of the wider community.


We work at alleviating the suffering of others by developing
understanding, empathy and respect in our relationships, as
well as promoting social justice and human rights.


We strive to recognise and liberate the potential within each
person, especially those disadvantaged, so they can be healthy,
valued and productive members of society.
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